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April 2011 Retro Gaming Article

April 4, 2011 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

BurgerTime HD - The Right Way to Update a Classic

BurgerTime HD logo - Monkey Paw Games If you loved the classic BurgerTime game in arcades or on the NES, this may be the summer for you. The familiar classic is getting an update. This isn't a reboot trying to transform a classic into an unrecognizable (and questionable) mega-achievement. Monkey Paw Games seems to have crafted an insanely pleasing update. It has familiarity with the original, yet yields a clever twist that promises to make this an enjoyable remake.
BurgerTime NES screen shot
A recent April Fools video popped up featuring Burger King's creepy looking "King" as a playable character. Along with this parody featuring the "King's" face on the chef character, there was an elaborate Burger King tie-in claiming serial numbers on the condiment packages would unlock hidden elements. We're hoping the "King's" involvement was the only part of the April Fool's gag. If this game doesn't appear, we're gonna be pissed!

Burger King's creepy King Check out the trailer and revel in the notion that this gem is to appear on the 3 major online platforms (Wii, PS3 & Xbox) this summer.

Check out the Monkey Paw Games web site for more info on Burgertime HD and the other games they make. I believe this is the first classic update they have done. Let's hope there are more!
Burgertime HD screen shot...
Burgertime HD screen shot
Originally called BurgerTime HD, when it was finally released for Wii, PS3, and Xbox (November 2, 2011), they renamed it BurgerTime World Tour.

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