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August 2012 Retro Gaming Article

August 21, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The controversy of Red Sea Crossing for Atari 2600 surfaces again via online auction

Red Sea Crossing for Atari 2600 ad Ah the Red Sea Crossing controversy rises once again... Forums are buzzing about a guy claiming to have one of only 100 carts produced and sold via mail order. A promised online auction was delayed for unknown reason - perhaps he doesn't really have a copy. Who knows in the internet age of maximum BS.

Then another copy arrives at Medium Bob's Curiosity Shop in Philadelphia, PA. The folks there posted a game-play video and have gone much farther in verifying they have the real deal. Apparently they are taking offers on it, but it's unclear how a sale might really go down.

Numerous netizens are crying bullshit, demanding proof of ownership - which is a clever way of saying, "Please release the ROM file so I can play it." However, the lack of a downlaodable ROM file make many suspicious about it's actual existence.

A gem of this sort would likely find it's way to someone who could extract the ROM from the cart's eProm and share it with the retro community who are chomping at the bit at the possibility of loading this rarity into Stella. I'm certain the game play is horrible and not worthy of more than 3 or minutes of play. But I will admit, like many retro gamers, that I'd gladly donate those few minutes to add Red Sea Crossing to my game play resume :)

Produced in 1983 by Steve Slack under the name Inspirational Video Concepts, Red Sea Crossing was sold exclusively via mail order from Arizona. Billed as a "bible video game", it was intended to teach a biblical story via video games. Personally, religion and politics needn't be "taught" via gaming. Reading the bible is probably a better way to embrace its stories.

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