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October 3, 2013 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Oct 3 is Mean Girls Appreciation Day! Watch the flick and play it on Nintendo DS

Mean Girls video game on Nintendo DS No one loves a fake holiday more than the rowdy crew at 8-Bit Central. Whether it's Donut Day at Krispy Kreme or Review A Bad Game Day, we're all over it. And don't even get us started about Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day! Bring it - and we'll celebrate it! Hell yeah!

Keeping track of all these "holidays" can be tough, but thankfully Twitter always gets jumpy and barfs up some odd hastags to signal such celebrations. Today we take pause over the demise of Lindsay Lohan, but (with beer-in-hand) we also celebrate the gooey awesomeness of her movie, Mean Girls, on Mean Girls Appreciation Day!

A casual mention of October 3rd by Lindsay's character, Cady Heron, is all it took. Her saying "October third" got Mean Girls fans to incite a national holiday every year on October 3... of course.

I've always liked that movie - even the sequel had it's moments - but the PC game was definitely not my kind of game. It's a puzzle game that was initially accused of being a Puzzle Quest clone. The puzzle involves combine similarly colored jewels, shoes and lipstick.

The Nintendo DS version reportedly lets you play as Lindsay's character, Cady, with the game play being closer to events taken from the movie. What got my attention is the absence of Lindsay Lohan on the DS game's cover! She was prominently splashed across the cover of the DVD. Did they forget her as the DS cover-art went to press? Did $he want TOO much money? Or... was her Hollywood reputation already circling the drain? Perhaps Nintendo didn't want her errant ways sullying their family-friendly reputation.

Regardless, as Lindsay spiraled out of control, wouldn't it have been more appropriate for the devs at 505 Games to create a Mean Girls game with a seedy GTA or Saints Row style for Ms. Lohan and her mean cohorts? :)

The best part is the timeline. The movie Mean Girls arrived in 2004. Plans for a game didn't begin circulating until 2008. This was the same time that Paramount Pictures decided they wanted to turn several of their films into video games. That's quite a span of time considering it was to tie in with a pop culture film. Stranger still is the European release came out in September 2009, but the US version was canceled and seemingly disappeared all together.

I really do like this movie, but it's no Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Fast Times at Ridgemont High. We all know about delays in game production, but when years pass by on a game devised as a movie tie-in, one has to wonder how long customers will wait. Who knows, but this flick is definitely a Lohan high-point.

Mean Girls Appreciation Day Enjoy the day and make sure you slap Man Girls into your DVD player sometime soon!

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