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March 15, 2013 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Eliza Dushku voices Ruby Malone in Bethesda's Wet... back in 2009

Eliza Dushku voices Ruby Malone in Bethesda's Wet I can get into an 80's vibe and watch Footloose and even hum along with Kenny Loggins' catchy track, but I'm not convinced the "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" really has any truth or merit. On the other hand I love to find coincidental links between things - like the fact that Eliza Dushku voiced Ruby Malone in Bethesda's 2009 game Wet.

She was on The Talking Dead show recently which prompted me to google her to see what she's been up to lately. I was surprised and delighted to find she's voiced not only Ruby Malone, but also a character from Saint's Row 2.

I loved her in Tru Calling and often forget she was also Arnie's daughter in True Lies, but my favorite dose of Dushku came from Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Something about actors doing voice overs always catches me off guard. During a miscellaneous cartoon, I get the feeling "I know that voice."

Eliza Dushku voices Bethesdas Ruby Malone in Wet I'd never heard of Bethesda's Wet, but finding out that Ms. Dushku voiced the main character makes me want to spend the $9 to pick up a copy. Funny how interest in a game can come from left-field. Of course that doesn't mean it will be a good game ;)

I've always had a weakness for tough chicks in video games. I'll report back on how dreadful this title is, but I'm amped to see if I recognize Eliza's voice.

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