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October 7, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Why hasn't the money & innovation of the adult industry prompted a crossover into video game development?

Just mentioning the adult industry conjures a wide variety of mental images... predominantly naked images. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the technical savvy of this industry. Looking back at media storage and internet evolution, you can thank the adult industry for solidifying VHS and CD ROM as formats. They were the first to perfect streaming video and e-commerce. This led to successful business models long before the average retailer was able to reliably accept credit card info via the web.

Digital Playground logo I've been a fan of Digital Playground (NSFW) from a both tech perspective and their insanely awesome content! Two things that impressed me when they released Code of Honor in 2012. One was their use of QR codes on their packaging. The proliferation of smart phones makes this a great use of technology for retail strategy.

The ability to offer pre-sale information for all of your products is a huge boon to manufacturers who rely on a variety of distribution channels to multiple retailers. It's a way for the manufacturer to remotely influence a customer at the point-of-sale. Digital Playground has done this wisely and I am stumped as to why the video game industry - or even a lone developer - has not implemented QR codes on their packaging!

The second impressive facet to Digital Playground is their ability to deliver big-budget action films which is contrary to many adult movies that are rife with stereotypes (the pizza-guy never does that, lol). They can produce and market big-budget films in an industry that leans toward quick, cost-effective turnarounds. They just released Apocalypse X (NSFW) which is another pornographic blockbuster film. They've done other big-budget films like Body Heat, Top Guns, and the Pirates series.

Apocalypse X from Digital Playground Digital Playground's Apocalypse X starring Stevie Shae Film synopsis from the Digital Playground website:
In a future, after years of demolition, the Earth's natural resources have withered away and the world is now a deserted pit. A woman named Razor seeks vengeance upon a bike gang called Reapers. To the community, Razor is known as The Ghost. From stealing gasoline and food, to using men to feed her sexual appetite, Razor always takes what she wants. She has one last score to settle with the Reapers' gang leader, Scar. In an effort to avenge the murder of her beloved husband, Razor will use every womanly advantage she has to seduce anyone in her path for retribution.

Atari 2600 game Ignore that this synopsis is from a porn film. It could be a video game story line, right? Perhaps the apocalyptic storyline ropes me in, but I think a powerhouse studio like Digital Playground, that can create big-budget films, would welcome the opportunity to branch out and create another revenue stream via video games. With the tech savvy and ability to produce big budget adult films, why not leverage the story lines and create tie-in games?

I'm not suggesting they should or would jump into developing for PS 4 or Xbone. There are a lot of ways to add gaming to a variety of business models. Many websites use browser-games to bring traffic to their websites. Similarly, many brands use games to reinforce their brand/product line.

There are certainly a wide variety of pornographic video games out there now, but many of them are fairly formulaic. I'd love to see an adult video game from an adult film studio. In particular, a studio like Digital Playground that can develop and produce big-budget porn films that are atypical to their industry. They've taken their track record within adult films and added a bit of Hollywood action to almost create a new genre of adult film. I'm not sure this is a recognized or established genre, but it's sufficiently different from their competitors, that I think they could do something pretty revolutionary in the video game arena.

More than anything, the idea of an action/porn film breathes new life into the routine of many adult films. A company with the desire to reshape that genre might do the same for video games. Where as adult video games have largely been mocked, I believe there's a viable genre waiting to be created in gaming that truly caters to the adult audience already familiar with Digital Playground. It would be pretty cool to see names like Kayden Kross and Stoya in gaming blogs.

Watch the trailer for Apocalpse X on YouTube (non-porn, but NSFW).

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