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November 2014 Retro Gaming Article

November 4, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The first 100 Atari-Dump games from the Alamogordo landfill are listed on eBay

The following 9 Atari Landfill games have been listed on eBay. All are for the Atari 2600 and the starting price for games with a box is $50 with the exception of E.T. The Extraterrestrial which opened at $100 with a box and $75 as a loose cart. One anomaly is Centipede #8225 that may have been posted in error regarding the minimum price.

  1. Asteroids (with box) $50.00
  2. Missile Command (with box) $50.00
  3. Warlords (with box) $50.00
  4. Defender (with box) $50.00
  5. Star Raiders w/ Keypad (with box) $50.00
  6. E.T. The Extraterrestrial (with box) $100.00
  7. Swordquest (with box) $50.00
  8. E.T. The Extraterrestrial (loose cart) $75.00
  9. Phoenix (with box) $50.00
  10. Centipede (with box) $50.00

When viewing or bidding on items, be certain you are dealing with eBay seller tbhs575 (Tularosa Basin Historical Society + local telephone area code). I'm sure all sorts of fakes will begin to emerge as we see the bids increasing.

Low quality photos

An unfortunate side to this auction is the photography. It's quite poor. There is little clarity to the images suggesting they were photographed with an cheap digital camera - some using a flash. Lighting and quality varies quite a bit which suggests they may have been photographed in batches in different locations. I hope the next phase of auction features better photos and uniform lighting conditions.

I was glad to see that each item had it's own code and auction listing. This way you can bid to own a very specific item based on it's condition. Some of the loose carts appear to be intact while others are clearly crushed. There is also a lot of variation in the condition of the boxed games. This lets bidders choose in a fairly unique manner.

Atari ET game cart Atari ET game cart.
Missile Command box Missile Command box.

Even though the auction is only in it's first few hours (as of this writing) many lots have no bids. Even a few ET games had no bids. Primarily, the ET boxed games were getting a few bids - the highest being $405.00.

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