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March 2014 Retro Gaming Article

March 2, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Card Wars game seen on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time gets physical and mobile game release

Popular TV shows, particularly in the "kids" demographic, often get the mobile game treatment. How often does a physical version come to market? Not often enough. Cryptozoic Entertainment comes to the board game rescue! I still love board, card and dice games!

Card Wars game from Cryptozoic Entertainment An episode of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time featured Jake and Finn playing a card game called "Card Wars" in which armies battled based on a lot of very peculiar rules and stipulations. It's apparent complexity made the episode quite funny as Finn's desire to win grew. Apparently many viewers wanted to play this game themselves and suddenly it was rumored that Card Wars was coming to market!

This prompted the phrase, "floop the pig", to become much more popular than it should be. The interesting part is that a physical card game was to be released. We anticipate a web or mobile game for anything that will turn a profit, but it's not often that an in-show reference results in a physical game. I love board games and the way they engage players in a much different way than video games.

The game is now available in physical decks and digital formats for Android and iOs. Many board games have been translated to video games and some work, but most do not. It will be interesting to see the digital and physical decks. I haven't received the actual decks of cards, but I'm excited to see how the digital and physical games differ or align.

Card Wars for iOS Card Wars for iOS.
Card Wars for Android Card Wars for Android.

If you're considering buying the physical card game, check with the seller as I have heard this version comes with codes for the online versions. You don't want to buy the digital version and discover it was free with the actual decks of Card Wars.

The 8-Bit Connection

I can't imagine watching Adventure Time without Regular Show appearing afterwards. They are a great back-to-back combo. Both are supported by web-based games on the Cartoon Network site, both have mobile games and they both have titles on Nintendo's 3DS. If you watch Regular Show, you know that Mordecai and Rigby are both avid gamers, but they never seem to be playing cutting edge games and one game featured a Power Glove type device.

We can only assume they are retro gamers or (more likely) can't afford a new game console. Either way, their game on the Nintendo 3DS, "Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby in 8 bit Land", has a few 8-bit tributes. They get trapped inside a video game and find their way through a pixilated 8-Bit world and find a way out.

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