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November 24, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo's Swapnote devolved into a 3DS scandal- I hope Teyon's Chat-A-Lot will fill the void

Chat-A-lot icon Once my son and I each had a 2DS, I wanted to find something a little more interactive than simply StreetPassing each other. Swapnote seemed like the ticket.

Excited about the premise of using a 2DS to communicate with him when he was at his Mother's house, we both installed it. Unfortunately, like many good things, the minority of morons had abused it to the point where Nintendo restricted it's SpotPass use, eliminating any long distance interaction.

Chat-A-lot screenshot When I heard about Chat-A-Lot, from Teyon and Japanese developers WaiSI, I hoped that it would fill the void where Swapnote now falls short. I'm excited to install it on our handhelds. It features text and voice chat with those on your Friends List. It also includes the ability to create groups.

I'm interested to see how it differs (if at all) from the Swapnote app and if there are similar concerns of abuse via this app. Nintendo is very protective of it's brand, but shutting down the SpotPass capability of Swapnote really crippled the app and punished the entire user base. Nintendo should know that any communication capability will always be abused and exploited.

Part of the problem stemmed from kids publicly posting their friend codes on the web. If you post your email or phone number... someone's gonna call. It's a simple premise that probably escapes those who forget that Nintendo's family values can't protect you when you go out of your way to invite trouble.

In an age where young kids frequently use their parent's web-connected phones and tablets, they have to be aware of how to responsibly use such technology. I'm sure oblivious parents are as much to blame. We're all quick to leap at any innovation without stopping to evaluate it's impact or potential drawbacks.

Thinking - never a waste of time. Do more thinking.

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