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October 25, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

SuperCell's mobile game, Clash of Clans, gets a Halloween makeover

Supercell logo My son gets more "iPad time" than "console time" at his mother's house, so he's always telling me about mobile games he and his friends are into. One of the first ones was Supercell's Clash of Clans. I downloaded it so we could join a clan and play together when he was away.

I play it on my Android Phablet and it's one of the primary games that has led be - begrudgingly - into playing some mobile games. It's well designed to make you yearn for more and possibly spend some real money to boost your efforts. Normally, I don't like such obvious "give us money ploys", but Clash of Clans is a fun game that has held my interest for quite some time.

Clash of Clans Halloween start up screen The main reason, I've stuck with this game, aside from playing with my son, is that it's well supported on Twitter and Facebook and they make regular updates. It's not one of those games that gets flung out the door and the team moves on to the next project. I feel as though someone is out there maintaining and improving it.
Clash of Clans barbarian
Not long ago, they released an update that gives your village a Halloween theme. From the spooky start-up sound at launch to the pumpkins and skull adornments, they've done a nice job at adding a subtle theme without going overboard and ruining the game. It's quite well done!

Too many mobile games are frivolous and I feel that the developers are going for the quick-money, knowing that interest in their game will fade fast. I've loved asteroids across many different platforms from arcades to Nintendo DS. Clash of Clans Perhaps as a retro gamer, I'm more accustomed to long-term involvement with a specific game. We live in such a disposable society, that the concept of longevity may have transformed.

That isn't to say a game with a simple premise or mechanic can't have lasting value. It's a subjective thing, but I feel there are more frivolous games on mobile than other platforms. But I like Clash of Clans and their Halloween update is a fun reminder that this game isn't wasting away on forgotten corner of a server farm.

If you haven't tried Clash of Clans, it's a free download... give it a try and enjoy the Halloween theme.

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