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November 2014 Retro Gaming Article

November 18, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Cubic Ninja for the 3DS goes from $4 to $50 as the key to a handheld homebrew channel

UbiSoft's innocuous title Cubic Ninja came and went will little fanfare in June of 2011. It was touted as a revolutionary game in which you didn't need to touch a single button. This puzzle game could use the gyroscope for all control... or the circle pad if you preferred.

Cubic Ninja for 3DS Recently, this $4 used title began to climb the charts! Game developers delight in this sort of jump in value. Could a secret level have been discovered? Is there an amazing sequel on the horizon that's driven gamers to experience the original? Nope... and it never got very good reviews.

Today, Cubic Ninja was on Amazon's Best Sellers Rank at #28 in the Video Games category. With all the Gen-8 games coming to market for the holiday season, something was awry. As Ted Theodore Logan might have put it, "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K."

A French coder has been working on an exploit that will allow a 3DS Homebrew channel and games. Keep in mind that this is not an emulator, nor will it play 3DS ROMs. This is about innovation, not piracy - although some folks don't recognize a difference.

I just heard of this 3DS homebrew exploit today and I'm fully wrapped up in the secrecy and technology that will soon allow this to happen. Some aspect (or defect) to the Cubic Ninja game allows a "tunnel" to an exploit to bring a homebrew channel to the handheld.

You'll discover that the game is not available for download on the eShop, but sources say a game cart is required. This fact ties in neatly with the soaring cost of a Cubic Ninja game cart. Apparently we are mere days away from finding out how UbiSoft's game cart will give access to a world of late-night programming of homebrew creativity.

It's no secret that Nintendo will not be pleased with this. Further, they will likely try to thwart if via system updates. It should be interesting to see if Nintendo can block this homebrew channel without ruining the Cubic Ninja experience for those who simply enjoy the game.

Another useful lesson is to remember that not everything you read on the Internet it true. I have no inside information. I'm writing this from other sources that seem reliable. Of course the key to this exploit may actually be Atari's Centipede Infestation cart. So, before you drop $50 on a mediocre game, do your own homework! :)

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