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November 2014 Retro Gaming Article

November 19, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If CNN's Don Lemon is fired, we can only hope he doesn't start covering video games

CNN have long been ratings mongers. They exploit view's fears and cover tabloid-stories rather than news that truly effects people's lives. Journalism has been on the back-burner there for years now as they circle the same drain that Fox's fabricated news has been circling since their inception. Informing is no longer a goal of most televised "news" channels.

Don Lemon has a tendency to speak before thinking prompting the resurgence of popular hashtag, #DonLemonReporting.

CNN is circling the drain His latest flub was telling a rape victim how to avoid forced oral sex. Sure Don, that's newsworthy.

Stay away from Gaming, Don

If Don Lemon covered the game industry, this is what we'd expect from his unique inability to understand the "big picture".

• If you can't afford a PS4, you should focus on not being poor. #DonLemonReporting

• The problem with the Atari Jaguar surrounded this animal's popularity. No one goes to the zoo to see a Jaguar. #DonLemonReporting

• Since 1983 was detrimental to the gaming industry, we should skip years like that. #DonLemonReporting

• The NES could have been a real success if Nintendo hadn't confused people by renaming it SNES. #DonLemonReporting

• If the Colecovision was such a great system, other companies really wasted time making those other consoles. #DonLemonReporting

• Why do people write books about video games? Don't they know you need a TV for that? #DonLemonReporting

• If games dug up from a landfill are worth thousands, Atari should have kept them and sold them in stores. #DonLemonReporting

• Stop complaining about backward compatibility. You can't play games if you don't face forward. #DonLemonReporting

• GameStop would have a brighter future in the age of digital downloads if they'd thought more about their name. GameGo is clearly the way to go. #DonLemonReporting

• They should only make video games for phones since everyone owns a phone. #DonLemonReporting

• Didn't the marketers behind 16 and 32 bit systems know that "Bit" is an abbreviation of "bitch". #DonLemonReporting

• Intellivision sounds a lot like television, so who would think it was a game console when it sounds like a television? #DonLemonReporting

• GamerGate was a bad idea. Sure, you need to keep toddlers away from dangerous stairs, but putting a gate around your games is ridiculous. #DonLemonReporting

Don Lemon Reporting Watch the PBS Newshour - it's the only televised news worth watching.

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