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November 2014 Retro Gaming Article

November 30, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Droppin' Santa is an 8-bit Retro Xmas game for Android- present bombing at it's best

I'm a fan of themed games - especially at the holidays. This mobile game has 8-bit Santa delivering presents to houses while maintaining flight and avoiding obstacles. Bombing houses with presents is harder than it looks!

Check out Droppin' Santa on Android and coming to iOS.

Droppin Santa game for Android & iOS Someone is trying to ruin Christmas! Help Santa to save the day and deliver all the presents. Inspired by 1980's arcade games, this 8-bit infinite scroller will give you an authentic retro experience and a lot of fun this Christmas.
Droppin Santa game for Android & iOS
With a mild Flappy Bird aesthetic, you tap the A button to maintain altitude (and avoid obstacles) while dropping presents with the B button. Get those presents down the chimneys!

You start with 3 reindeer (lives) and lose them with each collision. Amidst a holiday chiptune and great 8-bit imagery, this infinite scroller will keep your holiday-cheer-meter pegged at 10 :)

While the game is quite simple, it was part of a design challenge in which it was created in 30 days on a very limited budget.

I'd like to see slightly better sled control, but the graphics are great and I love the Xmas chiptune playing in the background. This is the sort of game that restores my faith faith in gaming. Sometimes it's just about creating something that's awesome, simple and fun.

It's currently available for Android and is slated for iOS release as well.

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