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March 2014 Retro Gaming Article

March 30, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Politically correct “Spring” comes to the Skylanders and Trigger Happy is poised for Easter

Springtime Trigger Happy's Spring Edition emblem A random trip to Toys R Us led to my discovery of an Easter Skylanders figure for Swap Force! I'm a big fan of holiday variants - in all forms. So, finding an Easter (labeled as "Springtime") festooned Trigger Happy Skylander was awesome! Springtime Trigger Happy is available for Easter!

Springtime Trigger Happy figure with Easter egg styles Last Fall's Pumpkin Head Eye Brawl was an awesome figure, however, his Halloween look did not appear in-game. He still looked the same as the original Giant's figure, proving that he wasn't explicitly programed into the game. Some people were quite surprised and disappointed by this. My son and I played the original Eye Brawl and Halloween version simultaneously. It got fairly confusing... for me.

Springtime Trigger Happy has a pink/purple skin tone and rides an Easter egg bomb - all of which appears in-game while playing! This is a welcome discovery for such a fun character.

Springtime Trigger Happy's Easter packaging He's one of our favorite Tech characters, so it's good fun to be able to play his Easter variation. I keep saying "Easter" even though he's labeled as "Springtime". It reminds me of how some people prefer "Happy Holidays" to "Merry Christmas" to avoid awkward situations with those who don't celebrate Christmas.

I've always thought that was ridiculous. All people are different in various ways - letting religion dictate a holiday greeting is idiotic. So, we're stoked to play Easter Trigger Happy! :)

Springtime Trigger Happy figure diorama Activision made a lot of fun changes to the packaging for Springtime Trigger Happy. The clear plastic around the figure is egg-shaped as opposed to the square shapes for other figures.

There is a zigzag pattern ont he cardboard backer that is reminiscent of Easter eggs. The enclosed trading card bares the same image. This looks like a properly planed holiday release. Well done!

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