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November 2014 Retro Gaming Article

November 30, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Branded for extinction, G4 clung to the airwaves after being stripped of gaming content

G4 TV tried hard to cater to a wide audience with a man-cave vibe and focus on video games. I was disappointed to hear of G4's pending demise in the Fall of 2012. As the only option for gaming-inspired television, it had many drawbacks, but it it exposed gaming via a medium that could easily escalate interest in gaming.

It's line-up was imperfect, but I think it was (and still is) important for gaming to be exposed to a wide audience, including those who are not gamers. Look at the way skateboarding has blown up to the point at which it has huge impact on the sneaker market. Skating reached beyond the kids with backyard ramps and went mainstream to the point where ESPN televises the Winter & Summer X-games.

Similarly, ESPN also televises e-sports. Stadiums are selling out to those who want to watch others compete in these games. Clearly video games have reached way beyond kids huddled around a 19" TV. A network like G4 was a destination for anyone who wanted to know more about gaming. Info scattered about the internet can tell you anything you'll ever want to know about gaming's past, present, and future - but a TV network dedicated to gaming adds a lot of much needed validation.

It's a shame G4 couldn't be resurrected, but it paved the way for another attempt. As cable TV fades into internet delivery of currently-televised programing, the silos of the current system should also fade. This leaves a much more open landscape for more niche broadcasting - including a myriad of video game "channels".

The future may hold much more than G4 could ever have delivered. I miss the quirks of Attack Of The Show, but it may have been the necessary groundwork for more televised gaming content.

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