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December 2014 Retro Gaming Article

December 10, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Stern Pinball offers awesome add-ons for their Walking Dead table, like the Governor's Fish Tank

When you see a pallet full of Stern Pinball boxes, it kind of piques one's curiosity. Stern Pinball's Governor's Fish Tank Too small to be pinball tables... and labeled as fish tanks? We know that Stern made two amazing Walking Dead pinball tables (Pro and LE). They've also developed a few clever add-ons to top off those zombie-inspired games.

Every time I mention Stern, I have to take a moment to yearn for a Berzerk reboot. It's one of my favorite games from my arcade days. That being the case, it's no surprise that Stern is still innovating the amusement industry, but via pinball.

No more video games like Berzerk or Frenzy, but they've cornered the market on pinball tables with amazing tie-ins to blockbusters like The Walking Dead, Ford Motors and on to top-billing rock bands like Metallica and AC/DC.

But it's not about simply aligning their brand with top-shelf entities. The company that engineered the simple brilliance of Berzerk has also teamed up with Whizbang Pinball to revive an electro-mechanical style table, Whoa Nellie. Recently they released accessories for their Walking Dead table.

When I first saw the Terminator Salvation arcade game, it towered over most of the attractions. Those glowing red eyes atop the monitor drew more attention than the crane machine with flashing neon, stuffed full of Cartoon Network plushies! It may seem silly to be the tallest game, but recognition comes in many forms when it comes to getting noticed.

Imagine a row of pinball tables. How do you choose which one to play first. Recognizable characters? Awesome attract mode? Great artwork? How about starting with the one sporting a fish tank full of severed heads? Yep, that's the one... from Stern!

Stern Pinball's Governor's Fish Tank Stern has released several zombie-infused accessories for their Walking Dead table, but the severed heads fish tank is the pinacle. Placed above the backbox, this illuminated tank's electronics tap into the game for synched display and attract mode. They've also released inside panels that add dimension to the playfield, a zombie-head shooter knob, and a blood-splattered armor kit.

I love that they have made the Walking Dead table even more awesome. Innovation can come in many forms, but Stern is offering improvements that fit so well with the theme of the table. It's one of the reasons they are so successful in the amusement arena.

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