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October 11, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

NJ arcade uses crowd-funding to get an Initial D7 game on site... from Japan

The Break Arcade in New Jersey The 8 on The Break arcade in Dunellen New Jersey, is know to locals as The Break and it's the longest continually operated arcade in the US. Originally opening in 1973, they have been under current management since 1985. That's pretty impressive in today's economy and the drastic decline in arcades.

But have times become so hard that operators need crowd funding to get new games on the floor? Well, not exactly. The Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX was released in Japan in 2012 by Sega. INITIAL D7 is the next arcade game in the Initial D racing series. It's a 2-player driving game with a much more authentic and technical side than most driving games. There are 43 different vehicles, 14 different courses, a 32" monitor, and 3 different racing modes!

As to crowd funding... The Break has an Indiegogo campaign to raise $8,500. Arcade games are no longer simple upright cabinets with a monitor, 2 joysticks and a few buttons. The attraction features of arcade games today involve fairly elaborate set-ups. Initial D7 is a sit-in style game (aka - it's really heavy) and it's coming from Japan. At a base cost of about $6,000 games and shipping, it may well take $8k+ to get it stateside.

Bring the Initial D7 to The Break Arcade in New Jersey Part of their Indiegogo campaign is to reward backers with tokens, for Initial D7, in the amount of their donation. I wonder if this will become a standard for arcades to be able to offer larger games like 2-player drivers.

Obviously this is a local effort, but if you love arcades and can spare a few bucks, I'm sure every dollar is valued. If your local to this arcade, it makes this a cool opportunity. Being a Japanese release, you may have a hard time finding this game, so this is a unique opportunity to get in on some Initial D7 playtime.

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