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October 19, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Finding Joust at my local arcade was a physical and social media joint-venture

My local arcade announced their Joust game acquisition via Facebook Recently, I was musing about discovering my local arcade had acquired a Joust game. My discovery came via a Facebook post made by Wackenhammer's Clockwork Arcade. I was instantly reminded of the early 80s, when Joust was released, and how differently communication of this sort actually was.

Back then we'd randomly visit one of the local arcades and find a new game on the floor. We'd excitedly drop quarters until we'd made an objective decision about the new game. I can also recall several occasions on which a friend called me to say he'd seen a new game at the arcade.

Communication of new arcade games was made by phone - there was no consumer Internet in the early 80s. These days people use cell phones for everything EXCEPT talking and social media delivers a significant amount of our news intake.

I'm a believer in the power of social media on a large scale, but I discover that locally, it is only a companion to face-to-face encounters. From world news to upcoming Wii U games, social media is great. However, when it comes to local discoveries, much of the praise I dole out to social networks is really born of physical encounters!

I was marveling at my local arcade's Facebook post, about their Joust game, when I realized that social media was only part of the connection. I followed them on Facebook because I'd driven by their location and decided to look them up on the web to find out more. If I hadn't seen their physical location, I wouldn't have had any reason to search specifically for them online and may not have found them by organic reach alone!

This realization leads me to take a wider approach to social media and how limiting it can be when used alone without any real-world accompaniment. Social media delivers an astonishing amount of info, but it's real strength comes when combined with other forms of communication - even forms that may seem primitive or eclipsed by the advent of social networks.

My local arcade announced their Joust game acquisition via Facebook

We have more info on our video post. Take a look at the article we wrote about Wackenhammer's Clockwork Arcade for a look at some of the awesome games and items they feature. You'll also find links to their website and social media.

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