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December 2014 Retro Gaming Article

December 17, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

ROMs won't give you the experience of game carts, so get “Nintendo Quest” on physical media DVD/Blu-ray

While Netflix sounds like a snazzy way to pluck your favorite movies from the cloud, I prefer owning all of my favorite movies on DVD. There's a sense of permanence when you can hold the disc in your hand. Content won't be added, altered, or deleted. It's YOURS!

Nintendo Quest We're all accustomed to shoddy day-one game releases. You have to wait for all the fixes to become available online. Back in the day, a game cart was final and gave consistent experiences every time you played. No one was mucking around behind the scenes, like today.

Imagine if George Lucas was able to "tinker" with Star Wars... Every time you watched it, he'd have made changes (loused it up) - and you know he would!! Gotta own it on disc!

Nintendo Quest

About the film from their Facebook page:
Follow NES Fanatic and Game Collector Jay Bartlett on his quest to secure an entire NES library in 30 days with no online purchases. Along the way, we talk to industry icons and look at the impact of the NES console and Nintendo. It's the Ultimate 8-bit ROAD TRIP!

Coming in the New Year is your chance to own Nintendo Quest on DVD or Blu-ray via an upcoming kickstarter campaign. If you missed out on their initial kickstarter, this is a great opportunity to get the film in a physical format! The Blu-ray has a lot of additional footage and goodies that one has come to expect on Blu-ray.

You should definitely follow them online - from podcasts to all the major social networks, they'll keep you up to date about Nintendo Quest and gaming in general. They do a lot more than just promoting their film. They contribute to many facets of the retro gaming arena. Keep an eye out for their upcoming Kickstarter for their DVD and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

NINTENDO QUEST will again be available on DVD and Blu-ray!
As for ROMS, we love 'em for checking out titles we've never played, but nothing beats wedging a dusty cart into an old console and diving into an amazing game from days gone by. It's a whole experience from the feel of the controller to scarfing epic snacks while Player2 is up.

The same is true of movies. Netflix removes titles each month, but there's something awesome about digging through shelves of DVDs in search of that perfect flick that will make your night. It won't be long before Nintendo Quest could be on your shelf... So, you know you want it on DVD or Blu-ray!

Nintendo Quest Press Release


(LAS VEGAS, NV, December 2014) Life-long friendship, love of games, and passion for nostalgia, fuel film to completion with incredible fanfare.

Writer/director Robert McCallum has put the finishing touches on his latest film, "Nintendo Quest," a feature-length documentary that chronicles the enduring legacy of Nintendo, and in particular, their first North American home console, all the while following video game rock star, Jay Bartlett, as he attempts to collect all 678 original retail-NES games in 30 days without using the internet in anyway. McCallum's latest Kickstarter Campaign is, possibly, the public's last chance to secure a copy of his film in a physical form - something key to the film's theme.

While "Nintendo Quest" focuses on the iconic titles in the Japanese juggernaut's primary library, it places greater emphasis on the human element of gaming like the importance of community, and Bartlett's own personal "coming- of-age" journey as well as highlighting some key differences in video game "attitudes" between today and yesteryear. Dozens of game celebrities volunteered their time to participate in filming including, but not limited to, Tommy Tallarico, Carrie Swidecki, Todd Rogers, Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, Michelle Ireland, Matt Miller, Mason Cramer, John Pompa and more. Over 50 retail stores believed in Bartlett's journey and NBC, CBS, CTV, and CBC Radio-One are only some of the media outlets that have already supported McCallum's film with coverage.

The upcoming Kickstarter launches January 6, 2015, runs for 30 days and will showcase a brand new trailer offering a greater look at the polished film. Here are some of the noteworthy rewards available:

  • A Chance to Host an Advanced Screening of the Nintendo Quest
  • Special Edition DVD and Blu-Ray with Extra Content
  • An Expanded Soundtrack with Original 8-bit Music
  • NES-replica Boxes, Cartridges, and Disc Bundle

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