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December 2014 Retro Gaming Article

December 7, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

NORAD provides air defense for Northern America and they track Santa each December

NORAD tracks Santa With all the fear-baiting by news organizations and rhetoric from politicians about terror invasions of North America, it's refreshing that some organizations still have a sense of reality, kindness and humor.

NORAD is tasked with defending our skies, but a mishap in the mid 50's gave them a Christmas mission that they have dutifully carried out each year since. NORAD tracks Santa.

in 1955 a Sears Roebuck, in Colorado Springs, ran a newspaper ad with a phone number for kids to call and speak with Santa. Unfortunately, they misprinted the phone number and kids began calling NORAD thinking they were talking with Santa. Colonel Harry Shoup had his staff give the kids details of Santa's whereabouts and a tradition was born!

The tradition is so strong that it has a website with a great rendition of how it all began and a lot more. Definitely worth a read.

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