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October 30, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Playmate's Bayonetta cosplay prompts the Internet to invent a Nintendo-Playboy partnership

I've seen several reputable gaming sites attempting to explain the "new marketing relationship" between Nintendo and Playboy. WTF!?! These gaming sites are reveling in the comic mischief of Nintendo's family-friendly history bedraggled by Playboy's Miss October 2012 dressing up as Bayonetta.
Bayonetta logo
None of these sites have cited a corporate press release, Ad Week article, or even a reputable national newspaper column - yet gaming journalists seem privy to a Nintendo-Playboy partnership that no one else knows about. Nintendo has released Bayonetta for the Wii U and Playboy has a photo album of Pam Horton cosplaying Bayonetta on their Facebook page.

Yes, there is a Bayonetta ad on the Playboy site. Yes, there was a photo-op at Nintendo World in Manhattan. To interpret this as a marketing partnership is similar to saying the CBS television network partnered with the Ford Motor Company because they ran an F-150 truck ad. Sure there's some form of partnership, but to liken it to Nintendo shedding their values for some sort of scandalous promotion is ridiculous.

Pam Horton Bayonetta Playboy Playmate and Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton cosplays as Bayonetta. Bayonetta is an M-rated title which is rare for Nintendo, but one can assume they are widening their customer base. The Wii U is certainly a solid platform on which to maintain and grow the Nintendo brand. There's no reason they can't be like the "other two" and cater to both kids and adult gamers. Naturally, we all think of Nintendo as being more family-friendly than it's competitors, but ratings exist so gamers can gravitate toward appropriate titles.

Numerous comments were derogatory toward Horton's Playboy affiliation and gamer status. Pam Horton is quite attractive which tends to go along with the Playmate gig, but in the years since her naked achievement, she's aptly demonstrated her gaming chops. She's even carved out quite an interesting niche for herself that could lead to working for a game developer.

The internet has become a public megaphone for poorly planned rants. Once a soapbox for interesting debate, it has circled the drain to become a platform of rumor innuendo, and hate.

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