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October 2014 Retro Gaming Article

October 9, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo finally injects some fun into their website with the launch of Play Nintendo

While the browser on my phone is often convenient, and more robust than Nintendo's 3DS browser, neither one can completely replace the experience of surfing the web on my computer. Mobile browsing, for the near future, lacks many of the capabilities of a computer. I'll always opt for my computer when it comes to serious surfing or research.

We all know that kids are web-savvy and want to sop up info just like Mom & Dad do on the web. However, Nintendo's web offerings have been fairly dry and not really destination sites as far as kids are concerned.

Nintendo's official website is a fairly high level site that integrates many Nintendo resources under one banner. It's pretty easy to find a lot of good info from release dates to technical how-to tutorials. But it isn't a lot of fun. It's too darn serious. Nintendo has always had a tough time of translating the epic fun of their gaming to their online experiences. Kids may use the site as a resource, but that isn't a lot of fun.

Nintendo launched a new area on their main site called Play Nintendo which is a grand stride in putting their "fun" on the web!

Play Nintendo screenshot Those of us "older kids" know that this area is simply a marketing venture under the guise of fun - which is not a complaint. In fact, this sort of area is long overdue. Nintendo is a business and they want to make money like any other business, which involves marketing. Their new area, Play Nintendo, is fun!

It's loaded with character info, polls, quizzes, activities, videos, and more. It's a nicely designed area for kids to learn more about their favorite characters and games. Naturally, most areas offer links to games, but we shouldn't forget Nintendo is a business.

They also included a "Parents" area for those folks who feel disconnected from their kid's gaming habits. It has ideas for family gaming and ways to play Nintendo with your kids. Most importantly, this area helps parents keep up with the world of Nintendo so they feel up-to-date when talking about games with their kids.

I think this is a great addition to the Nintendo website that provides fun for the kids and relevant info for parents seeking a better understanding of the gaming world their kids love so much.

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