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October 2014 Retro Gaming Article

October 21, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The PlayStation TV has a Vita game slot and plays PS1 games but is it just another microconsole?

In a world where consumers initially thought the Wii U was a tablet for the original Wii, lets see if Sony has done enough marketing to let customers knows what PlayStation TV is all about. I haven't seen much buzz about it yet.

PlayStation TV Right out of the gate, I've seen very little TV advertising for ANY of the available microconsoles. There have been a few Chromecast TV spots, but PlayStation TV is a different beast. And when did we last hear mention of Amazon's Fire TV?

Who's in this market and when will this market truly be defined? As an emerging market, each vendor has their own notion of what they can and desire to produce. Standards will be lacking for quite some time.

I have a PSP that I like and a 2DS that I adore, so the idea of buying a Vita didn't fit into my portable plan... financially. But discovering that the PlayStation TV has a Vita game slot makes me perk right up.

PlayStation TV size comparison The idea of playing Vita games on my TV with Sony's microconsole is right up my alley. I've heard rumors that Vita games don't scale-up very well for the larger screen size, but that may appeal to my 8-bit mindset.

I love jamming a USB stick full of ROMs into my Ouya, so playing a variety of PlayStation games on this device seems pretty cool. I'm a tad odd in that respect.

It's compatible with the Dual Shock 3 and 4 controllers, which are not included with the base ($99) model. I guess the target audience for PlayStation TV are already Sony customers, eh?

What does PlayStation TV do?

With similar innards to the Sony Vita, it's as affordable as most of the other microconsoles at $99. It plays a variety of Compatible Sony games via the PlayStation Network. This includes PSP and original PSone games. As far as it being a set-top box, it's media capabilities seem hampered by a lack of software at launch. This is expected to be corrected over time. However it's inability to output in 1080p is more permanent.

It streams your PS4 games over wifi or ethernet. Does anyone use those 10BaseT connections in our wireless world? PSTV owners do. Apparently, the PSTV has quite a bit of lag over wifi, so bet your extra long network cable ready.

To be honest, I've seen little marketing of this system and the Sony sites I've visited are fairly vague about the PlayStation TV's features and purpose.

PlayStation TV ports If it weren't for my irrational desire to play Vita games on a big TV, I probably wouldn't have poked around online for more info.

Despite not really knowing how to take full advantage f PSTV, I'll admit I want one. Actually, I've wanted every microconsole that's been released. I see, I want, I get a snack and my mind drifts away from my "wants".

However, I am a big Sony fan and the idea of being able to delve into Vita with a $99 box from Sony appeals to me - on a big TV! Just as I don't own a Chromecast or Fire TV, I do have an Ouya and I'm Hell-bent for a PSTV!

What I like best about PSTV is where most set-top boxes want to be media hubs that play a few games, the PSTV is the opposite. It seems very game-centric with streaming media as a secondary feature. I'd love to break away from the expensive evil cable TV monopoly, but I'm not sure which magic box will satisfy my need for awful TV shows with a focus on gaming.

If I venture down this path, I'll write a review that's far less miscellaneous than this post. I wanna Vita my TV!

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