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December 2014 Retro Gaming Article

December 9, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The “Father of Video Games” Ralph Baer passed away

My first reaction to playing an Atari 2600 was that the TV was no longer a passive box that one simply sat in front of. Through home video game consoles, the living room TV became an interactive portal to amazing worlds that we had dreamed of... and now we could visit them.

Ralph Baer pioneered the notion of interacting with the TV. TV programs had delighted us for years, but we needed that nudge to realize that our passivity towards TV was far below it's potential. We needed minds like Ralph Baer who saw the potential and acted on it. He gave us the spark that led us to believe we could control what happened on our TV... or any video screen.

Ralph Baer Baer pioneered the idea of a home gaming console and licensed the system he created which became the Magnavox Odyssey. It's success attracted other companies that brought competing ideas to market and the video game industry was on it's way.

Ralph Baer In February 2006, Baer was awarded the National Medal of Technology by President George W. Bush in honor of his groundbreaking and pioneering creation, development and commercialization of interactive video games.

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