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October 2014 Retro Gaming Article

October 4, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The grand opening of Replay Amusements Museum arcade is covered by local news in Florida

When was the last time an arcade had a grand opening?? It doesn't happen often, although the barcade trend seems to be on the rise. However, the Replay Amusement Arcade is celebrating their grand opening this weekend, in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The best part... they're a retro arcade!

Replay Amusements Museum logo Although the term "museum" appears in their name, Replay has no velvet ropes or hands-off policies. In fact they encourage everyone to play to their heart's content. From those reliving childhood glory to kids seeking some amazing fun, Repay Amusement Arcade has all it's machines on free-play.

They operate on memberships and offer daily, monthly or yearly passes. Which ever you choose, you can play all day on over 100 video games and pinball tables! When I was frequenting arcades in the 80s, a yearly pass wold have been my golden ticket! We think it's pretty cool to hear of an arcade opening with a goal of preserving arcade machines and presenting the history of gaming.

From the Replay website:
Replay Museum promotes the art, science and cultural significance of mechanical amusement machines to preserve these historical artifacts for future generations. Pinball, jukeboxes and video arcade games have always been considered more than entertainment. They are a scrapbook of America, a looking glass of culture, and a pleasure-filled journey winding through a wonderful marriage of art, science and technology.

Replay Amusements Museum TV news interview TV news interview.
Replay Amusements Museum TV news interview TV news crew doing an on-site report about the arcade.

Another nice facet of Replay Amusement Museum, is their use of social media. They have an arsenal of outlets to show the world what they're all about and they're off to a great start. Check out their website for links to all their social media sites. Hopefully an active social network and attention from local media will help publicize what they're all about.

Replay Amusements Museum's pinball tables Replay Amusements Museum's pinball tables We think it's great that they're able to get local media coverage outside the traditional gaming community. Having your new business - especially an arcade - featured on local TV news is a boon. Any attention Replay can get will be good for them and for retro gaming. It's hard to project the awesomeness of retro gaming outside the general gaming community - many of whom don't care for vintage games.

Seeing a lot of attention on Replay gives me hope that more arcades might open and not rely on redemption tickets, coin pushers and cranes. Video games and pinball are FUN!

Too Often TV News is the Enemy

Fox Mulder rubbed off on me in a couple of ways. Most prominently, I trust no one.

The news media these days are reactionary alarmists who seemingly have nothing better to do than stir whichever pot will generate the most ad revenue. Crisis is a great selling point and generates viewers, so most news stories are reported with a focus on fear.

Look at the two news interview pictures above. Without any context, the news media have taught us to be suspicious and to make rash assumptions without any facts. When video games appear on the TV news, it's often another story in which some violent criminal owned a game console... which is the root of his evil.

The other Mulder-ism that strokes me is - I want to believe... We wish Replay Amusements Museum success and hope that their venture will inspire others to follow suit. Owning a retro arcade sounds like more fun than most jobs!

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