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September 2014 Retro Gaming Article

September 20, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Musically, we spun our last retro gaming party reverse-retro w/ vintage bands' new tracks

Chiptune hardware I love finding a new chiptune band/artist I've never heard before. There's something really cool about the ability to turn vintage game consoles and computers into musical instruments. Chiptunes always blare at our gaming gatherings. Short of playing a CD, I've never been musically adept, but music has always played a big part of my life. Just hearing song lyric quickly evokes a specific memory from long ago.

I have vivid memories of buying my first LP - Kiss Destroyer - in a Giant Music store in Virginia. My allegiance to Kiss was strong - so much that I paid little attention to other bands. I only wanted Kiss albums. Fortunately, my musical tastes expanded and I discovered many bands that left a lasting impression on me.
Kiss Destroyer album
In the last several years, many of the bands I grew up with have released new studio albums! There have been more releases than I was aware of. I combed through some of my recent purchases (yes, I still buy CDs) and found a treasure trove of new albums by classic bands.

Selection Criteria

I thought a compilation of some of these awesome new tracks would be a fun curve for our next game night! I decided on a criteria for each selection. All bands must have formed during the 80s or earlier and each release had to be within the last five years. I titled it Reverse Retro.
Here are the details:

Reverse Retro

Founded Band Recent Album Song Title Released
1965 Scorpions Comeback Blackout 2012
1968 Black Sabbath 13 Loner 2013
1969 Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls Metalizer 2014
1969 ZZ Top La Futura I Don't Wanna Lose Lose You 2012
1970 Aerosmith Music From Another Dimension Oh Yeah 2012
1972 Van Halen A Different Kind of Truth She's The Woman 2012
1973 AC/DC Black Ice Rock 'N Roll Train 2008*
1973 Kiss Monster Eat Your Heart Out 2012
1973 The Pretenders Break Up the Concrete Boots Of Chinese Plastic 2008*
1974 Blondie Ghosts of Download Take It Back 2014
1976 The Cars Move Like This Keep On Knocking 2011
1981 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Unvarnished TMI 2013
1983 Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Make Some Noise 2011
1983 Megadeth Super Collider Built For War 2013
1984 Ace Frehley Space Invader Gimme A Feelin' 2014
1989 Marilyn Manson Born Villain No Reflection 2012
Reverse Retro Reverse Retro One facet to many of these albums is the band's desire to capture their vintage sound. Many of these albums have done this beautifully! Some of the bands, like Blondie have disbanded and regrouped at some point while others like the Scorpions re-recorded some of their classics and added some great cover songs.

The result of making this mix-disc for game night was awesome! Without seeing the song list, everyone guessed the artist while being astounded that the music was released in the last few years! We then began playing the whole CDs of each artist and arguing (loudly) as to which was most true to the early releases.

* We snuck in AC/DC and The Pretenders even though they released albums just outside our 5 year window. See... we're not complete hardasses. :)

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