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June 2014 Retro Gaming Article

June 15, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Toys R Us doles out leftovers from Frito-Lay's Skylanders Sidekicks- no crumbs, just figures

My son and I love Skylanders. OK, he loves it a bit more than I do, but we try to stay on the cutting edge of all things related to Skylanders. We've done the Happy Meals, picked up the Promo posters, and snatched up limited edition (so they say) figures. Somehow we managed to completely miss Sidekicks! How is that possible? I love video games and snacks, so how could Frito-Lay's Sidekick promo slip past us?

Eyesmall Skylander's Giants Sidekicks Eyesmall Skylanders Giants Sidekicks shown with the packaging. He arrives in a plastic bag containing the figure, sticker pack including QR code, and the instruction sheet for use in mobile games.
Barlkey & Eyesmall Skylanders Giants Sidekicks Barkley & Eyesmall Skylanders Giants Sidekicks. I'm still hoping to get the other two!

I dropped in to my local Toys R Us to see if there were any new Trash Pack toys and to breeze through the video game area for anything interesting. The salesman who works the gaming area is really cool. We chat often about upcoming games and today he had a surprise. They had a box of Skylanders Giants Sidekicks that were being given away for free!

They were mini Skylanders fashioned after 4 of the large-size giants. I was astounded. I'd never seen or heard of this! I raced home to find out what these things were.

Sidekicks have no in-game value. They're just kind of fun and follow around their full-size counterpart. It seems that in 2-player games, you can only have one Sidekick on the Portal. I haven't experimented with them much, but I'm also curious to see how they work when using power-up items on the portal.

Tree Rex & Barkley with Eyebrawl & Eyesmall - Skylanders Giants Sidekicks It seems that there were promotions for "Sidekicks" for both the Spyro and Giants games. Frito-Lay ran the Giants promo last year with their multi-pack snack bags. Inside each package of assorted chips was a mail-in card that along with ~$2, would get you a Sidekick by return mail. The card asked you to indicate your preference for all 4 characters since they wouldn't guarantee you'd get the one you wanted.

Apparently Toys R Us was selling the Frito-Lay multi-packs and were sent the leftover Giants Sidekicks to give away. Check your local Toys R Us to see if they have any Free Sidekicks. They're a lot more expensive on eBay and Amazon- lol

Skylanders Giants Sidekicks Frito-Lay promotion I'm all over the snack aisle now... just in case the Frito-Lay folks decide to issue any Swap Force Sidekicks... :)

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