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October 2014 Retro Gaming Article

October 3, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Bandai Namco is debuting a new Star Wars arcade game at New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con logo Being an East coast person, I'm more excited about New York Comic Con than the San Diego con. Maybe some of it's awesomeness will flutter up to where I live. Alas, I won't be attending, but the New York con is just around the corner and there was some interesting news on Polygon today.

arcade game Comic Cons have become pop culture events and while they still center around comics, there are plenty of film, video game, and toy vendors on the massive show floor. This year Bandai Namco is going to showcase their Fall line of games from 3DS and WiiU to PS4 and Xbone.

I'm a big fan of Namco from the early days of Galaxian, Pac-Man, and Dig Dug. These days finding an actual arcade can be a challenge. Arcades still exist in relative obscurity, but they occasionally get new games. It seems that Namco will be debuting a new arcade game at NYCC for the press - not the general public.

Apparently, it will be a new Star Wars arcade game according to the post on Polygon. The games they will showcase on the convention floor are listed on Bandai Namco's Tumblr where they seem to post news items.

From the arcade to computers and game consoles, Star Wars has a long history in video games. Probably the most infamous of these games is the 1983 vector graphics game from Atari. It came in a standard cabinet and an amazing sit-in.

1983 Star Wars arcade game from Atari There was something so awesome about vector games. My first experience with them was Asteroids and then Star Castle. The crisp graphics always drew me in. The first-person perspective of Atari's Star Wars was a perfect match for a vector game. The game play was reminiscent of the film.

The Polygon article indicates that this new Star Wars arcade game won't be on public display. I'd probably be more upset about the press-only display, if I was attending. However, I'm sure word around the con will be rampant and I'll bet a picture will be "leaked" at some point ;)

I'm dying to know what this new game is. Dammit... I wish I was going to NYCC!!

Update: October 8

On the eve of New York Comic Con, Bandai Namco unveiled their new Star Wars arcade game for the press. It's a sit-in dome screen arcade system designed to offer an immersive experience for a single player. It combines some slick elements. Fans simulate motion speed, a seat that reacts with explosions, and vibrating controls. Polygon has a good article on their first experience with the game.

Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game

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