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October 2014 Retro Gaming Article

October 23, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo declares Halloween as the next National StreetPass Weekend w/ a network mash-up

When I pass a large group of people and my green Streetpass light remains dim, I have a few questions. Streetpass light
  • Not ONE of them owns a 2DS or 3DS?
  • Not ONE of them put their 3DS into Sleep-Mode?
  • Not ONE of them brought their 3DS with them?
Come on folks - what's going on here!?! It's pretty simple: Buy a 3DS, bring it with you, and leave it in sleep-mode. It makes 2DS & 3DS ownership a lot more fun and interactive - for you and others. Additionally, in sleep mode, the pedometer gives you some healthy feedback and play-coins.

Nintendo Zones originated in 2008 as "hot spots" at which you could access the Internet and Nintendo's networks for their handheld consoles. This was a boon to those seeking connectivity on the go. Wireless networks were not as prevalent as they are today, so it gave DS owners a welcome boost in connectivity.

As networks expanded, many Nintendo Zones were upgraded in 2013 to be Streetpass Relay stations. This expanded one's ability to get Streetpasses in more remote locations with less pedestrian traffic. A relay station stores info from those passing by and doles it out to you (as you pass) rather than relying on the peer-to-peer method in real-time.

I've often wondered what the statistics were that led to creating relays. Where I live, it's quite difficult to get real-time streetpasses, so the relays are a great addition. But, overall were they a reaction to declining Streetpasses among 3DS users? I bring my 2DS with me and am always set for a Streetpass so I can build up my army in Warrior's Way ;)

Nintendo Zone Map This is the first I've heard of a coordinated Streetpass weekend or event. I think it's a great idea and I hope it spurs a lot of folks to revisit the quirky joy of pseudo-meets via Nintendo handhelds.

Of particular interest is the network "mash-up" that is mentioned on the Nintendo site. Apparently the Streetpass Relays will be doing out connections from both near and far. It sounds to me as though they will be mixing things up and sending a few Miis from Phoenix over to a mall in Chicago. Sounds like fun! Get out on Halloween weekend to take advantage of meeting some distant Miis.

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