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October 2014 Retro Gaming Article

October 6, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

My digital offspring pass along “Retro Gaming” on their travels from my Tomodachi Life island

When we're not hammering out content for 8-Bit Central, we're looking for ways to keep retro gaming prominently fixed in people's minds. There are many ties between moder gaming and retro classics, so I always love blending the two and finding a way to highlight retro gaming!

I got into Tomodachi Life this past summer with my son. We developed our islands and marveled at all the crazy food we could dispense. Soon our islanders developed crushes, got married and had kids. This is where the game makes perfect use of Nintendo's StreetPass system. Once "kids" have grown up - about a week's time - you can opt to let them "travel". Designating them as travelers lets StreetPassing, with other players, send your traveler to their island and vice versa. Thus travelers can visit many islands via StreetPass and occasionally send letters back to you

As "Mayor" of your island you can have your travelers deliver a short message to each island they visit. This is where we again spread the retro gaming love. Each of our travelers announces,"Retro Gaming!" upon reaching a new StreetPassed destination.

Tomodachi Life traveler A Tomodachi Life traveler waiting to depart.
A Tomodachi Life traveler imparting Retro Gaming Each of my Tomodachi Life travelers delivers the message, Retro Gaming!

Modern gaming evolved from all the gaming that came before and that's a point worth promoting to those who may have forgotten that Microsoft and Sony did not "invent" video games. There was actually a time when the term "PlayStation" wasn't followed by a number and referred to a revolutionary new game console in 1995!

I hope my digital kids can help spread the word - lol.

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