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December 2014 Retro Gaming Article

December 7, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Skylanders Winterfest Lob-Star retains his figure's holiday appearance in-game, unlike Halloween Eye Brawl

When Halloween Eye Brawl was released, I was hoping to see him running through the Slylands with his pumpkin-head. Alas, this was not to be. The figure had not been programmed for the prior October release of Skylanders Giants. Thus, his in-game character was identical to the original Eye Brawl... which was disappointing.

Activision seemed to learn their lesson last Spring when Easter Trigger Happy came on the scene riding an Easter Egg. When I heard a Christmas variant of Lob-Star was coming, I hoped that he would retain the Christmas-visual of the figure when launched into the game. A few websites claimed he did keep his look in-game, but they said the same of Halloween Eye Brawl.

With that in mind, I was off to toys R Us. To my delight, Activision's recently released sequel, Skylanders Trap Team, does have Winterfest Lob-Star coded into the game so it displays his holiday variant with the red suit and Santa-like beard!

Winterfest Lob-Star displays like the character in-game My packaged Winterfest Lob-Star sitting on the Trap Team portal with his intro screen on the TV in the background. GameStop advertised a limited exclusive on the Winterfest Lob-Star figure, which means one-day later everyone else will have it. I wasn't able to get to GameStop on Dec. 6, so I went to Toys R Us today.

Upon scouring the aisles for Winterfest Lob-Star, he was nowhere to be found. An employee confirmed they were in-stock, but no one was sure when they were available to customers. Um... it's today. After a manager looked into it, he came back with a large box full of Winterfest Lob-Star. I was stoked to snag one and rush home and verify his digital appearance in holiday garb!

The ability to "test" this concept in-store is no longer possible at my local Toys R Us since their Trap Team demo kiosk has been broken for over 2 months. Not even the holiday sales season prompted anyone to have the kiosk replaced.

My son is going to be stoked to find this under the Christmas tree!

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