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December 2014 Retro Gaming Article

December 2, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

ZeroBit Games' Zotrix blends the best of 1980s arcade space-shooters into a unique classic

Zotrix arcade shooter game There are some amazing pixel artists out there that can take any scene and make a Nintendo-perfect 8-bit recreation of it. We see a lot of games these days that take people back to their arcade roots via modern games with 8-bit zest. I've seen great examples of this from my 2DS to my smart phone. The flashback to childhood arcades primarily comes from the imagery in these games.

I recently found Zotrix, from ZeroBit Games, which took me back to a very specific time in my arcade days in much the same way. However, it wasn't only the graphics that gave it a unique Arcade feel. The vector-like graphics help, but it was also in the game-play itself. I was transfixed on the game-play video because it had elements of several games I loved playing, but had modern elements that were wonderfully blended in.

Zotrix from ZeroBit Games My fascination with this game really comes from the game-play. With elements of Asteroids, Galaga, and Star Castle, the fast play seems reminiscent of games I loved, but then it shifts the focus and a whole new dynamic erupts.

Just when I think I "get it", the action shifts between the aforementioned arcade titles, blending elements of each all at once. Seldom do I get such a strong urge to play a game solely from a YouTube video.

The crazy part is I've only watched a video of the game play, but I'm really excited to play Zotrix! ZeroBit Games developed it for PC, Mac, and Linux. Keep an eye out for this one. It should really appeal to those who loved the manic action of space battles during the golden age of arcades!

Zotrix from ZeroBit Games

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