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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

March 20, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With only your wits & instinct, 50 Pinch Barrage sends you on a wild 3DS adventure

A random online post tickled me in just the right way, with the allure of a crazy adventure at a reasonable cost. I sought out info on 50 Pinch Barrage by Mobile & Game Studio Inc.. It was just released for the 2/3DS. It's simple visual style reminds me of Pitfall! on the Atari 2600... with moder-day action!

50 Pinch Barrage for Nintendo 3DS You begin the game as your plane descends in distress leaving you no option but to parachute to the safety of a nearby island. We've all seen this scenario in movies, but have you stopped to think what YOU would do? In an unknown location, facing life threatening dangers, and an assortment of ravenous creatures eager for a meal - what would you do first? You'd have to rely on your wits and instincts. That's exactly what 50 Pinch Barrage forces you to do.

50 Pinch Barrage for Nintendo 3DS There are no instructions, tutorials or hints. It's you against... well, everything the game throws at you. And it's a lot! Platformer fans will be familiar with many of the game's conventions, but that doesn't make it easier!

The difficulty is the key to the game's 50 stages leading to it's end. 50 inch Barrage seems simple enough, but you quickly see otherwise, From running, jumping to climbing vines, swimming and riding mine carts, this game has a lot of diversity as you defend yourself against it's challenges.

50 Pinch Barrage for Nintendo 3DS You'll likely discover a fair amount of frustration as you navigate the levels. Some seem easy enough while others become savagely difficult just as you see an end in sight... back to the beginning! I think that's part of the fun.

If you've ever played QubicGames' 2 Fast For Gnomes, you're familiar with quick paced games that deliver fun with frustration. 50 inch Barrage will do the same. There is a lot of fun to be had, but trial and error is the only way to advance. Expect to die frequently.

It's simplicity (not difficulty) is refreshing and it boasts great sound effects, although your final dying scream will be heard often. If you have the patience to learn from your numerous deaths, you should be pleasantly surprised by 50 Pinch Barrage. It's frustrating at times, but uniquely fun. So many games are overly complex without good reason or justification. Mobile & Game Studio have delivered a cool game at a great price. We encourage you to check it out... then go play some Pitfall on the 2600!

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