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February 2015 Retro Gaming Article

February 7, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Brian Williams remembers seeing his initials on Defender's high score screen

The power of the human mind is incredible. When we forget where we left our car keys a memory is triggered and we know exactly where we last placed them. NBC's Brian Williams has been going through the same phenomenon on the web this past week. He's remembering everything!

Brian Williams remembers seeing his initials on a Defender high score screen. To commemorate his high score he took this photo with some of his gaming chums. Williams cites his pop culture fame as the door-opener that enabled his daughter Hayley to become the lead singer of Paramore.

Brian Williams remembers Kidding aside - If you missed this news story; NBC's Brian Williams issued an apology for "incorrectly remembering" an event during his coverage of the Iraq war. He remembered being on a helicopter that was brought down under fire. Others remember him being on another helicopter. His overall credibility has become a topic of scrutiny across the news media and the web. This guy may be NBC's glory-boy, but he's in a really bad situation that may end his career.

Check out the story behind the real version of this iconic photo taken at The Twin Galaxies Arcade in 1982.

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