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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 20, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo's customer loyalty program, Club Nintendo, was trending due to it's discontinuation

Club Nintendo trending on Twitter Seeing Club Nintendo trending on Twitter today meant something was up. Soon my feeds were stuffed with news that Club Nintendo is winding down as Nintendo begins to plan and implement a new customer loyalty program.

As of today, no future games can be registered. The last day of March will end your ability to earn coins and register games. Come the last day of June... it all goes away. I highly suggest logging into your account or visiting the Club Nintendo website for all the details.

Your info can be carried over to the new loyalty program, but all coins will be lost. Now's the time to register all your stuff and snag any available rewards.

I always hate to see something go - even though a new program will swoop in to replace it. Club Nintendo has been in North America for 6 years! Alas, this news doesn't really effect me since I'm way too cheap to purchase many new games. Thus I have very little to register.

The Club Nintendo site is so slow tonight, it's nearly unusable. Several areas fail altogether. I assume with the doomsday news folks are checking in to see how much loot is stashed away in their accounts.

Club Nintendo trending on Twitter This image came up when the Club Nintendo website was unable to process a request. I'm sure my coins are safe.

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