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December 2015 Retro Gaming Article

December 17, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The cartridge-based Retro VGS console is back with Coleco branding - now called the Chameleon

After terminating their first attempt at crowd funding, the Jaguar-molded console returns with a Coleco connection.
Coleco Chameleon I was super stoked when the Retro VGS was announced earlier this year. It was to be an affordable cartridge-based game console designed to bring the gaming experience of the 80s into modern times. The games would be new creations with a retro vibe. It would bring back the era of finalized games distributed on cartridges for a game console with no internet connection.

It sounded great until they doubled the console's price, tried to crowd-fund $2 million, and had no working prototype. I'm a believer and I wanted this system so badly, but without proof-of-concept I walked away. Seeking $2 million without knowing if this console was possible led many to doubt their business savvy as evidenced by their Indiegogo campaign surging backward toward zero dollars. Backers stopped backing.

The Coleco Chameleon

Images of the Retro VGS console with the Coleco name on it suddenly appeared on the Retro VGS website and spread across social media. Those of us who followed the first crowd funding effort discovered all the images we saw were renders - there was no console. It seems odd to initiate a rebirth of the console via imagery with little explanation or info. I own and love my Jaguar and would rather see the new console - be it a Retro VGS or a Chameleon.

It's not a Jaguar nor a Colecovision, but it may play games from those eras.
I'm curious about the Coleco involvement as their name is now shown on the console pictures. The coleco that brought us Cabbage Patch Kids, Telstar, and Colecovision went out of business in the late 80s. It's resurrection in 2005 was not the same company. It was an investment group.

Like "Atari" today, the Coleco name has been purchased by a "group". While they may own the rights to the name and other assets, they aren't the same company that made those amazing arcade ports in the early 80s. The info I've seen implies that Coleco is coming back as a gaming company with this project, but it's hard to know what that really means.

I look forward to more info about the Retro VGS and Coleco partnership and their plan for bringing the cartridge-based console to market. If they can successfully create this console, it would offer a style of gaming and collecting that all but ended with games released on optical media. It could also be a great blend of retro gaming with modern hardware. As fun as Coleco games were back in the early 80s, imagine that style of gaming with more technology to drive it. Sounds good to me! Time will tell what is under the hood of the second iteration of this console project.

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