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January 10, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I don't recall Eruptor or Bash as Disney Characters... or are these amiibos? :)

Everyone makes mistakes. My son and I got a kick out of these Disney Skylanders :)

Skylanders figures packaged as Disney Infintiy at GameStop I've been a fan of Activision's Skylanders since it's inception and somewhat of a Disney Infinity follower. It's hard to imagine confusing the characters as seen in this GameStop, but it brings up an interesting difference with the two games and their in-game characters.

We're all familiar with Disney's famous IPs that we've grown up with and many of their new acquisitions. I'm still wrapping my head around their ownership of Marvel and Star Wars.

When new Skylanders arrive on retail shelves, I'm excited to see what they've come up with since each one is a new entity. I think they've done a nice job in creating many unique characters. Certainly there are duplications of popular characters across the 4 Skylanders games, but there's no expectation - each one is new and unknown.

When Disney released Jack Skellington, I was very excited to see when Sally would be released and wondered what other Nightmare Before Christmas characters would come out. I longed for a HalloweenTown Playset. Alas, none of this was to be. I can place Jack Skellington in the Toybox and chase Buzz Lightyear or Lightning McQueen, but Disney never released any other NBX characters! Jack is orphaned from one of my favorite Disney movies.

Neither Candace Flynn or Ferb made the Infinity cut I feel as though the releases have been done in an odd manner. Similar to the NBX release, Phineas and Ferb offered up Phineas and Perry the Platypus, but no Ferb - and what about Candace - or a Playset?

I know that many people prefer the Toybox, but it seems odd to release characters with such great "worlds" and not create those worlds as Playsets.

On the other hand I was delighted to discover that Skylanders Trap Team is the best release yet. It necessitated yet another portal purchase, but it's use of sound and the Traps is very clever. Trap Team breathed new life into the series after being a bit disappointed with Swap Force.

The NFC (near field communication) tech hasn't become stale with gamers and Nintendo seems to be proving that with amiibo sales! The Wii U gamepad suports NFC and there will soon be an add-on for the 3DS to be compatible as well.

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