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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

March 21, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Gonzalo Varela's Dreamnesia- conceived as the soundtrack for a video game & inspired by chiptunes

Gonzalo Varela's album, Dreamnesia Gonzalo Varela contacted me about his latest album Dreamnesia. I'm glad he did because this is a very cool mix of music. As it's title suggests, you'll find some dulcet tracks than may just whisk you away, but it was also conceived as the soundtrack to a video game and incorporates many faster paced tracks inspired by chiptunes.

From what I've read Varela has had a long love for video games to which he decided to apply his musical talents. While working to score the soundtrack to a video game, the game's development ceased. With no game in sight, he wrote more tracks and conceived his album, Dreamnesia.

You can listen and download the entire Dreamnesia album on Bandcamp for free!

If you're not familiar with Gonzalo Varela, here's some biographical info via
Composer, sound designer, guitarist and bass guitarist born in 1990 in Montevideo, Uruguay. His compositions have been performed in concerts, festivals and workshops in Argentina, England, Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, United States, Uruguay and Wales. He has written music for films, theatre plays and videogames. He has received awards and special mentions in composition, arrangement, recording and live show contests. As a performer he has taken part in several ensembles and choirs, recorded in released albums and a video DVD, and given over 200 concerts in Brazil and Uruguay.

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