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February 3, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Peculiar browser game, First Person Lover, launched by tennis legend Bjorn Borg

While searching for details of the Australian Open tennis tournament, Bjorn Borg's name came up. A few clicks later, I discovered he has a clothing line and was promoting the line with a browser-based game. My interest was piqued!

Borg was a tennis legend who held world number 1 status and retired in 1983. I assumed his clothing line might be of the athletic nature and the game might showcase it in a tennis scenario. Nope. Not even close. Titled First Person Lover it's a very different approach to the traditional First Person Shooter game genre.

First Person Lover The Bjorn Borg SS15 collection is featured in the game as detailed on their website:
This spring we proudly present our new collection through a computer game. In the First Person Lover game you battle evil forces with the power of love. The game is free, web-based, and runs on PC/Mac at Shop the SS15 key looks.

Just when you feel there may be some merit to this unusual take on the FPS genre, we are treated to a brief description of the available weapons. From a Kiss gun to a Rainbow crossbow, this is a different sort of game.

The Kiss Gun - First Person Lover The Kiss Gun.
The Petal Shotgun - First Person Lover The Petal Shotgun.

The Rainbow Crossbow - First Person Lover The Rainbow Crossbow.
The Bubble Blaster - First Person Lover The Bubble Blaster.

The Teddy Grenade - First Person Lover The Teddy Grenade.
Bjorn Borg Bjorn Borg.

If this game sells Borg's line of clothing - power to him! But from a gaming point of view, it's a bit peculiar for those who are used to battling in shooters, not lovers. Who knows, maybe this is the future of retail - a shopping tie-in game that promotes the product. We're accustomed to movies having video game tie-ins, so why not extend it to other marketing opportunities? It's a crazy world out there.

The Bubble Blaster - First Person Lover Love it or not, you should really take a few minutes to play this game. It's a mash-up of all sorts of... things and stuff. Just give it a whirl. It's an unreal journey into oddities you just don't see in the average game. It'll put a smile on your face and you might wind up buying a shirt... or shooting someone with your Kiss Gun and giving them a new shirt.

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