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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

March 24, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Today's smartphones already have an FM receiver! Tell your wireless carrier to unlock your free radio

I was quite surprised to discover that today's smart phones have an FM Radio chip that can receive local FM radio signals! Find out more at Free Radio On My Phone. Some may say that radio is going out of style in favor of streaming, but who's really conveying that message? Answer: cellular carriers who profit from the bandwidth used by streaming music.

Today's smartphones already have an FM receiver! They profit from all the bandwidth you use up and streaming music certainly chews through a data-plan fast! It's so profitable for them, that they are not activating the FM chips that are in every smartphone!

They'd much prefer you burn data, through steaming, and keep paying for overage charges. This sort of corporate greed is unacceptable when technology built into the phone YOU PAID FOR is rendered useless by the company that wants to over-charge you.

Wireless companies have a long tradition of treating their customers poorly, but cheating them out of functionality already built into the phone they sell is outrageous.

What about in an Emergency?
Not long ago a Winter storm knocked out our power for 4 days. We relied on a portable radio for news and weather info. Why shouldn't we have this sort of emergency info on our smart phones, that any radio can receive? There are all sorts of emergency situations where radio is the only connection people have to vital information.

Today's smartphones already have an FM receiver! If I had access to radio via my smart phone's built-in chip, I'd listen to a lot more radio. I primarily listen to FM Radio in my car as it's the simplest way for me to listen. My phone would be the next most convenient way. It's a shame that greed will likely prevail for quite some time before wireless carriers allow their activation. In the mean time, I recommend reading up on apps like NextRadio that work with embedded FM chips in smart phones.

Sirius XM's satellite Radio is pretty cool, but I miss the local aspect of FM radio. Sure, I like to dial into their commercial free metal, or any genre, but I like the local news, DJs and the crazy jingles that local businesses think will bolster their sales. Radio has a lot to offer and the FM chip in smart phones is a great way to put radio front & center for a lot of listeners who love what the airwaves have to offer.

Anyone who doesn't like radio, should watch Pump Up The Volume.

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