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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 13, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

A graded, factory sealed copy of Bandai's Stadium Events nears 6-figures on ebay

Bandai's Stadium Events Released by Bandai in 1987, as part of the Family Fun Fitness series, Stadium Events was one of two titles that were actually released in North America. While Activision's Decathlon (Atari 2600) had players vigorously wiggle the joystick back n forth to make your athlete run. Stadium events used a Control Mat in conjunction with the NES controller.

Nintendo bought the rights to it and the Power Pad became part of Nintendo's gaming arsenal. I was never a fan of the power mat, but video game accessories in the NES era were often full-on kooky.

So, with limited availability under Bandai, Nintendo's purchase resulted in the recall of shipped product. Nintendo replaced them with their updated version, making Stadium Events one of the rarest of officially released NA titles.

Stadium Events makes auction appearances now and then... and always generates mistrust, greed and trickery. From dishonest sellers to trolls boosting the bidding price with burner accounts, there's always drama. This time around, the whole thing seems more legitimate than usual.

This hasn't dissuaded the usual trolls from ruining the seller's chance of a sale, but this auction seems newsworthy due to it'a apparent legitimacy.

Nintendo Power Pad The seller claims to be a former Nintendo employee who got the game by nature of his employment. Of additional interest is that the seller has gotten the Video Game Authority in Georgia to grade/authenticate the game (VGA 85 NM+).

Take a look at this Factory sealed 1987 Nintendo NES Stadium Events auction. Perhaps someone will donate their burner account to push this failed auction to six-figures.

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