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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 23, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Heather Wensler, from King Of The Nerds, started gaming on the NES playing Joust

I was pretty excited about the first season of King Of The Nerds (on TBS) a few years ago. I had high hopes that it might elevate nerdiness to a new level. One of the contestants was YouTuber Danielle/TradeChat/Panser and many of them have high-tech job titles. It was kind of fun, but at the end of the day... just another reality show with no script and semi-planned antics.

Heather Wensler, from King Of The Nerds started gaming with NES Joust As season 3 loomed, I saw an article on one of the contestants by Patrick Scott Patterson. I was delighted to discover that Heather Wensler stated her first gaming experience was on the NES... playing Joust! How cool is that!?!

Everyone always says their first NES game was Super Mario - likely the pack-in game - so it's nice to hear about someone who has fond 1st memories of Joust.

I loved the co-op aspects of the arcade game - you could team up or slay one another. Few games offered that diversity of play simply based on the players immediate instincts.

A local arcade in my area added Joust to their location. That's pretty cool since I hadn't seen a Joust cabinet since the one I played in the early 80s. With all the modern consoles capable of playing arcade classics, I tend to forget how long it's been since I've played some of the original cabinets.

Once you have an arcade joystick in hand, a game controller just doesn't feel quite right. As a kid, I was so excited when my favorite arcade games could be played at home on my Atari 2600. Now I get excited to find a favorite arcade game out in the wilds.

Go check out Heather on King of the Nerds and if your local arcade doesn't have a Joust cabinet, be like heather and pick it up for the NES!

King Of The Nerds cast - 2015 The cast of Kink Of The Nerds, 2015

King Of The Nerds cast - 2015

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