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February 2015 Retro Gaming Article

February 5, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Kickstarting a sci-fi space adventure

If the title, Orion Trail sounds familiar you may be thinking of Oregon Trail, an educational game produced by MECC in the early 70's. Orion Trail is a kind of similar... but in outer space!

Orion Trail I came across Orion Trail's Kickstarter and was immediately struck by the retro vibe and music. I don't have a lot of experience with adventure games of this sort, but I was really drawn in by it's premise, pixel art, and music.

For those who played Oregon Trail back in the 70's or more recently on Nintendo's 3DS, take a look at their kickstarter and see what you think. Oregon Trail was released on many platforms. I'm sure you've played it at some point - we all did! Now it's set in space thanks to Schell Games. If nothing else, how many games feature a Spacesquatch?

Orion Trail Orion Trail is sort of a turn-based simulator in which you have to properly manage your resources to solve problems, cure diseases and fend off attacks. As captain of the Indestructible II, flagship vessel of Galaxy Force, you can choose your officers and crew. These initial decisions will dictate how you choose to react to the circumstances that befall your ship on it's journey.

It sounds like serious stuff - and it is - but the game is full of humor as you try an Offensive maneuver when Diplomacy was needed. As you learn, you'll probably find yourself failing, dying and starting over. But each new adventure reveals a bit more of it's strategy and additional dry wit ;)

Schell Games has been developing games for over a decade. You may have heard about Enemy Mind early last year. There's a downloadable demo for Orion Trail as well as a Unity browser based version. Give it a try! If their Kickstarter campaign is funded their goal is to expand the game from the demo you (hopefully) downloaded and played to include more encounters, content, art and varying mission types. Sounds like fun!

Orion Trail

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