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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

March 4, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GameStop announced PS2 hardware trade-ins after cannibalizing the PS2 retail game experience

I read that GameStop is going to begin taking in PlayStation 2 hardware for trade. From what I've read they are doling out $25 per unit if you include all the cables and one controller.

I have an odd relationship with the PS2 - I never bought one during it's general release. For me, The PlayStation was the first system I owned that had substantial storage and allowed the advent of the "compilation disc."

GameStop wil begin taking PS2 hardware trade ins I loved the Williams Greatest Hits, The 3 Arcade Collections for Atari and Namco Museums. Finally being able to play my favorite arcade classics on a home console - in all their glory. I was pretty happy about this scenario.

To be honest, the modern games were interesting, but didn't motivate me to want to see what the next genration would bring. Hence, I passed on the PS2 and later delved into the Game Boy Advance and GameCube. But then tragedy struck. I turned on my PlayStation and heard an ominous sound... and no start up screen.

My PlayStation disaster probably happened around 2005 or thereabouts. The PS3 and Wii were in the news and to my delight, retailers were ditching PS2 hardware (new in box) for around $85. This was in "olden" times when backward compatibility was a staple of the successful release of the next gen console.

The PS2 was able to play PlayStation discs - Yay! Even the initial run of PS3 consoles would play PS2 games. Then someone decided that was no longer necessary and Nintendo became the only console manufacturer to understand the consumer benefit of backward compatibility.

So, on the crest of the new PS3 I was cheerfully buying a discounted PS2 (new) so I could once again play my favorite PlayStation games.I'm definitely a fan of modern gaming, but my heart belongs to old dusty games - even if some of them are on shiny discs.

The intent of this tale circles back to GameStop's recent desire to accept PS2 consoles for trade ins. This seems odd to me since they systematically remove platforms as they age. Having purchased a few new PS2's, at the eve of the PS3 release, it seemed logical to begin looking at some of the titles available on the platform. I love my old PlayStation compilation discs, but there were some cool titles to be had on the PS2. Yes, I bought all of the Midway Arcade Treasures :)

GameStop seemed to have an endless trove of PS2 games. I gleefully began buying. But an odd thing happened a year or so ago. GameStop began phasing out PS2 games. In it's final stages, they threw away all the manuals, cases, and art, leaving the discs in paper sleeves on shelves - pathetic! But that was the demise of GameStop's PS2 game sales.

I find it odd that after this poor phase-out of PS2 games, GameStop wants to begin reselling the hardware? I'm wondering if I can get an answer at one of the stores.

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