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February 2015 Retro Gaming Article

February 8, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Could the Q*bert reboot for PlayStation lead more devs to re-imagine other retro titles?

News of Q*bert being rebooted for PS4, PS3, and Vita is great news! It's an iconic arcade game from 1982 that had mass appeal and was ported to many home computers and consoles. It's a perfect title for a modernization.

Co-developed by Gonzo Games and Sideline Amusements, Q*bert Rebooted was released for PC and mobile this past Summer. Arriving soon on consoles delights the retro gamer in me that loves games on the big screen.

Q*bert reboot for PlayStation The original Q*bert is featured on the upcoming Q*bert Rebooted.
Q*bert reboot for PlayStation Q*bert Rebooted uses hexagonal tiles. Having 6 sides tiles, as opposed to 4, allows for some interesting level designs.

My favorite aspect f this reboot is the inclusion of the original arcade classic. So often, reboots take a character or premise and run with it as though it's an entirely new entity. As I see it, rebooting a game - certainly a beloved one like Q*bert - should include the original! If the reboot is fun, chances are the original game is too. Give gamers the chance to see where the reboot came from!

Q*bert for the original PlayStation I very often cite Rampage Total Destruction, for the Wii, as a cool reboot. They included multiple versions of the original along with the rebooted version which is a lot of fun too!

The trailer for the game indicates they have stayed true to the original game and simply updated the imagery and added more challenging levels via the six-sided tiles. I think that's a fantastic way to reboot Q*bert.

I was very excited about the BurgerTime Reboot in 2012, but the control was a bit off and Peter Pepper had near bionic jumping ability. At the same time, they took the original concept and created a really cool world in which to reenact it. I liked it mainly because they modernized BurgerTime with great respect for the original.

Q*bert is no stranger to PlayStation consoles. He appeared on the PSone in 1999. It will be nice to have him back. :)

The next logical question is who's next? What other golden age titles might be rebooted and modernized for our shiny new consoles? My mind reels! Berzerk, Yar's Revenge, Wizard of Wor... the list is endless!

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