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February 2015 Retro Gaming Article

February 24, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Retro Technology Collection turns unusable vintage tech items into desktop art

The Retro Technology Collection glass vials Sometimes I think how awesome it would be to own a piece of history - real history - something tangible, real, and authentic. I could never pick just one item. How about a sony Walkman, or a Westinghouse TV, or a polaroid camera, or a an 8-track tape player, or an Apple Newton.

Yeah, there's no way I could settle on even a few... and what would I do with all that? It would likely sit in a box which doesn't justify owning something retro and awesome.

The Retro Technology Collection aims to solve this issue by offering you a slice of these great devices and many more! They've created a desktop display that holds chards of such technologies and devices, in labeled museum-grade glass vials. Curated from non-functioning unusable items, the collection turns unwanted stuff into a technology display that's sure to strike up some lively conversations!

Eddie Stover, created a Kickstarter campaign for his Retro Technology Collection. He assures us that all "parts" are harvested from devices that are beyond repair and are otherwise unusable. Take a look at the kickstarter page for a sampling of all the items that could potentially be placed in your collection. You can also follow their updates on the Retro Technology Collection Facebook page.

If you have an interest in vintage technology and want to own a piece of it (in very small pieces), this may be a great opportunity for you.

The Retro Technology Collection As a retro video game enthusiast, I'm a proponent of saving any and all retro gaming hardware devices in their original format, but I'm sure there are those who feel the same way about other vintage items they may collect. At the same time, I see the value in the Retro Technology Collection as it brings together a wide array of vintage items, not just from one genre.

The appeal to me is the diversity of items Eddie plans to include in each vial and the rarity of some of these items. I was very interested in the Atari games dug up in the Alamogordo landfill and later sold on eBay, for much the same reason- what a great piece of history! I like the idea of being able to own a small piece of something I owned long ago or an item I'd heard of but never thought I'd be able to attain.

Check out the Retro Technology Collection Kickstarter and see if this sounds like a unique item to brighten your desktop and inspire some great retro conversations... "Hey do you remember...."

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