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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 29, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Even before earning $70,000, the Retro VGS game console's Indiegogo campaign was canceled

Retro VGS game console Indiegogo campaign was canceled Ten days after launching a crowd funding campaign to reignite the face of retro gaming, the Retro VGS console succumbed to it's poor planning amidst confusion and anger from many customers. It's a shame to see this happen, but it's probably the best outcome for all involved. It will hopefully allow them to re-access and come back with a console that will truly revolutionize gaming.

I had high hopes for the Retro VGS and really wanted to see this cartridge based game console come to market, especially with the premise of delivering retro-style games. These are the kind of games I grew up playing and still love to play alongside my PS3 and Wii U favorites.

The idea of a system with no internet connection was refreshing. I loath the massive day-one game updates and frequent console system updates. Each of these makes me wonder why I bother with modern consoles. I certainly value the games I'm able to play with my son now versus those I played when I was his age, but the games from my day were simple, fast and provided just as much fun!

It would be nice to turn on a game console and begin playing a game instantly. No updates. No downloads. No patches, fixes, or purchase offers. I just want to play a game.

A Great Idea Released Too Soon

It was clear before the crowd funding started, the Retro VGS project was not well thought out. It began as a $150 console that would play retro-style games via cartridge. The week before launching on Kickstarter, they switched to Indiegogo and announced a $300+ price point. That alone turned many folks away.

Some were concerned because Indiegogo requires backers to pay up front, while Kickstarter collects funds at the end. More concerning was that Kickstarter requires a working prototype for hardware campaigns and apparently the Retro VGS was still in design. All the photos we saw were renders. They could not show backers any games running on actual hardware. Additionally, there were no exclusive games. All the titles were available elsewhere for less money.

After a quick glance at their Indiegogo campaign, I decided not to back this project. Trying to raise $2 million when they can't even demonstrate proof-of-concept was bad planning. It takes a lot to create a new piece of hardware and they were promising delivery within one year when they didn't even know if they had a viable product. I wasn't the only one to reject the campaign for this reason. The tally of Indiegogo dollars began to flow in reverse as former backers requested refunds!

On September 29, ten days after launch, Mike Kennedy posted to Indiegogo and the Retro VGS Facebook page that the campaign was being cancelled and they would regroup to later deliver the console as it was originally presented. It will be cheaper and they will show it's glory via a working prototype. Hopefully, they will save the bells & whistles for a later release once they develop an install base of satisfied gamers.

Cancelation Notice from Mike Kennedy

Retro VGS game console Indiegogo campaign was canceled From their Campaign page:
Hey Everyone! It's clear, in its current state the RETRO VGS Indiegogo campaign is dead in the water and thusly will be shut down early. Once the Indiegogo team explains to us how we can do this, the plug will be pulled and all of you who have contributed will receive a refund post haste. Or you can go in and request a refund from Indiegogo right now.

The good news is we aren't giving up and have made some adjustments to our hardware team, which includes the involvement of... other hardware gurus who were part of our venture in the very beginning. We will also be lowering the price while maintaining most of the cool features you all want.

We will be back in the near future with a prototype RETRO VGS system, front-and-center playing our games on our cartridges and with our USB controller. Sit tight, be patient and RETRO VGS will return.

Thanks again for your support, patience and understanding while we regroup and prepare for the relaunch of a new crowd funding campaign.
Mike Kennedy

I look forward to seeing the Retro VGS resurface once they have a working prototype and can really build excitement around a retro cartridge-based game console. I believe this can be a successful venture and I hope they can deliver the system that their fans crave.

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