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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 7, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Santa's Special Delivery puts Cerulean Games at the forefront of replacing coal for naughty children

Santa's Special Delivery During the holidays, I'm always down for a retro game with a Christmas theme. Santa appears in a lot of games this time of year making it hard to stand out in the crowd. However, Cerulean Games came up with a unique twist on holiday gaming with their delightfully pixelated 8-bit game, Santa's Special Delivery.

From town to town, you guide Santa's sleigh through obstacles while dispensing presents and coal down chimneys. It's a simple game, but the fun-factor will keep you playing and the humor is entrenched in the music, visuals, and game play. Santa's reindeer explode with each missed delivery until the sleigh plummets in a fiery inferno. Although it's rather silly, the puns abound making Santa's Special delivery a lot of fun.

You score points for delivering the correct gift as you avoid the rocket-propelled snowmen that sail by. At the end of each wave, the final house is where that one rotten kid lives. Bad kids get coal, but this kid is far more nefarious. This one gets the toilet treatment with Santa mounting the chimney to "squeeze out a growler" complete with a progress meter.

With great holiday chiptunes and a humorously crude edge, you won't find it on iTunes, but Android users are all set. If you feel yuletide toilet humor is best suited for larger screens, you'll want to download a copy for your Ouya. The soundtrack is also available!

Santa's Special Delivery - Android I'm a fan of Ouya's mission to bring mobile dev to larger screens, but I actually liked the Android version a little better. Both deliver the same entertainment, but this time when I found the mobile game a little more Christmasy.

Santa's Special Delivery - Ouya The Android game identifies the type of delivery with Christmas icons - presents, coal, and elves. Tapping the correct icon releases the gift to the next chimney. On the Ouya, it uses the buttons and is simply labeled as such. It didn't offer the same visual charm of the mobile game. But it's only a minor difference.

It's not your average holiday game... and that's a good thing. Check out Santa's Special Delivery!

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