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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 22, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Did USA TODAY go retro or futuristic with this reproduction of their BTTF edition?

USA TODAY logo from Back To The Future The front page of USA TODAY, featured in Back To The Future II, was reproduced and acted as a faux front page on today's (Oct. 22) printing of the paper! That's a pretty cool thing to do for Back To The Future Day.

I remember when USA TODAY first came on the scene as a national paper. My family always regarded the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as reliable news sources. Seeing a paper with color images brought about many comic book comments. I didn't like that comparison since I felt comic books delivered stories that were intricate and sophisticated.

This newfangled paper ran condensed and easy-to-understand articles... for who? Getting all the news that's fit to print seemed to hinge on being able to read. I thought TV news was the entity in charge of dumbing-down the news and the papers ran with the full details.

USA TODAY Back To The Future reproduction USA TODAY brought about a new model for newspapers. Their stories typically didn't continue on inside pages - the entire story was delivered on one page. The inside-continuation practice enabled other papers to present more articles on the main pages.

On July 2, 1984 USA TODAY published their first edition with full color in all 4 sections of the newspaper. it wasn't until 06/06/1993 that the NY Times used color in the Sunday Book Review and other Sunday sections followed soon after until the first full color image ran on 10/16/1997 - Page 1: Tony Fernandez's 11th-inning home run put the Cleveland Indians into the World Series.

I hope everyone got out to a newsstand to snag a copy of the BTTF edition of USA TODAY. It's a really cool nod to the Back To The Future franchise. Everyone really came together around BTTF - pretty epic!

If you got out early, you had a far greater chance to get this slick newspaper reproduction than a bottle of Pepsi Perfect. :)

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