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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

March 31, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro game releases are few & far between, but Van Halen released some musical retro this week

Van Halen Day In the 80's there was a year in which my entire life revolved around Trans Ams, Van Halen, and arcades. We'd crank Unchained on our way to the Electric Playhouse and it just made the nights seem right!

Van Halen was one of the bands that really shaped my world back in those days. I was finding Bon Scott era AC/DC albums on JEM imports and building up a formidable Black Sabbath collection. Van Halen was always part of our arcade adventures as we sought out the latest games and visited old favorites.

These were seemingly complex times, but so simple by today's standards. It's awesome to see that Van Halen is updating their catalog. They released re-mastered versions of 1978's Van Halen and 1984's 1984 along with a double-CD featuring a 2013 concert at the Tokyo Dome!

This being the first officially released live Van Halen album, one has to wonder why they released a 2013 concert alongside 2 classic remastered works. I wish they had dug a little deeper and given fans a live concert from the era of the remastered discs. Dave's voice isn't as strong as it once was and this shows on Tokyo Dome. I'm a huge fan of live discs, but this one doesn't showcase their true talents.

We recently included a song from Van Halen's 2012 release, A Different Kind of Truth, on our Reverse Retro CD. I love discovering new homebrew games for my favorite retro consoles, but Van Halen did a great job in pumping some awesome retro into today's music releases!

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