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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 21, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

3DS game, Woah Dave, may get a physical release on the console that inspired it - The NES

Plotting the path of a games release strategy can become difficult as mobile games go to consoles and arcades, while some arcade hits wind up on phones. It's not unusual to have games released on one platform emerge on another.

Retro games occasionally appear in the Nintendo, Sony, and/or Microsoft online stores, but here's an interesting switch up. We recently discovered Woah Dave on the Nintendo 3DS eShop (it's available on many platforms). It's retro inspiration and game play led us to download it.
Woah Dave Logo
Woah Dave was inspired by the NES and the game's creator is excited to release the game in that original format. This was reported on several sites - Jason Cirillo of Choice Provisions told Tiny Cartridge they'd have to tone down the gameplay, but they really want to release Woah Dave as an actual NES cartridge!

In Woah Dave!, players gun for digital glory by slaughtering aliens, stealing their loose change, and racking up the highest score possible.

Woah Dave
Woah Dave screen This is a really fun game and it's available on several platforms - we highly recommend checking it out! W'd love to see Woah Dave as a genuine NES cartridge! I wish more developers who obviously adore the NES would consider doing the same.

I understand that such a venture is likely not a profitable one and will appeal to a limited number of people, but there are gains in this area that go beyond money. Releasing a retro inspired game on a classic console, like the NES, would certainly give a lot of credibility to the developer and earmark a part of gaming history for them.

As far fetched as this will sound, I think every developer who loves retro games should endeavor to put his or her code onto an original console that inspired them to develop "retro" games in our modern age. Easy for me to say... I only know HTML, but still a good idea! :)

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